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WellCup is a fun communication tool designed for the whole family, to encourage conversations around mental health and wellbeing. With the ever-increasing pressure within education, the rise in remote learning and the growing challenges attached to children's wellbeing we have made the app available to connect families with their schools, giving parents and teachers an engaging, secure and powerful way to increase children's awareness of the key areas in life that have the biggest impact on our wellbeing.

The Family Wellbeing App™

Using WellCup you can enjoy a practice of daily self-reflection with more capabilities including being able to measure and track your progress over time using our graphic dashboard showing your stats, trends, dips and the areas needing the most attention.

Personalised daily insights, along with an electronic journal, can help you to turn awareness into action. Our powerful AI will learn your wellbeing 'baseline' after 10 days of consecutive use. Using that information you can choose to nominate a relative, friend or even teacher to be alerted to give you a nudge if you dip below that line. We call it the 'Buddy system'.

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Buddy System

Wellbeing is a team effort

Once WellCup has learnt your wellbeing 'baseline’ (following 10 days of consecutive use), families can use the 'Buddy System’ to choose their teacher/school to be notified when their child’s wellbeing has dipped a little (or dropped below the baseline). Even when we feel like everything is just fine, WellCup knows if our overall wellbeing is on a downward trend and will kick into action to alert your nominated 'Buddy', letting them know you may just need a nudge; often it helps just to know you have someone to be your wellbeing champion.

The Buddy system is an important part of our WellCup app.

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Journey to Wellbeing

Whether this is your start point or you are already on track with existing initiatives, we invite you to join us on a Journey to Wellbeing. Our family of products provide a framework for wellbeing within your organisation.

Wellbeing Index

Wellbeing data in 60 seconds, reporting & modules across the key areas affecting your people.

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Wellbeing, Culture & Engagement

Simple set-up with a real-time data dashboard for employee feedback, online and on-site.

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Wellbeing for families
& individuals

Engaging content, daily insights & e-journal with a real-time wellbeing data dashboard.

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Global WellBeing Index

Wellbeing awareness

Culture engagement

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Bespoke questions

Employee feedback

Dashboard (in real-time for SpeakUp and WellCup)